Skull Graphicz is a Next Generation HD 3D Graphics, Animations, Multimedia and Website Design Company, which provides, Next Generation, Advanced and Professional HD 3D Graphic Design services, HD 3D Photo-Realistic Graphic Design services, HD 3D Multimedia and Animation services, HD 3D & 2D Website Design and Ecommerce solution services, Programming, and Socialnomics services for all your professional business marketing, promotional, and miscellaneous project requirements, using high end industry leading HD 3D technology programs, including but not limited to; * Autodesk Maya * Autodesk 3DS Max & 3DS Max Design * AutoCAD * ToonBoom * Iclone 5 Pro * WidgetCast Pro * CrazyTalk Pro * Google Sketchup Pro * V-Ray * Z-Brush * Adobe Suite 5 Master Collection * CorelDRAW 12 * E.T.C. We pride ourselves as the industry leader in Next Generation, Advanced HD 3D technology, while completing all projects within the minimum possible time-frame, to meet your specified project deadline dates. We uniquely and professionally provide the following kinds of Multimedia Contents outlined below, amongst several others, 1) HD 3D Flash & Animated Flash Contents 2) HD 3D Animated Movie Contents 3) HD 3D Animated Talking Web Characters or Avatars or Virtual People 4) HD 3D Animated Video Productions (Music Video Clips, Movies, TV, Video Previews, Marketing Videos, e.t.c) Our types of HD Websites includes; 1. HD 3D Dynamic Websites | 2. HD 3D Static Websites | 3. HD 2D Dynamic Websites | 4. 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